Seeking financing? Don't miss the capital markets session at ICSC's N3 show, and meet with Envoy's Ralph Cram.

Ralph N. Cram, President, Envoy Net Lease Partners.

Ralph N. Cram, President, Envoy Net Lease Partners.

Envoy president Ralph Cram will be at the ICSC Triple Net Lease conference next month to take part in a discussion of the capital markets in the net lease sector.

Mr. Cram, who has underwritten, acquired or financed $1.5 billion of real estate assets in his 25 years in commercial real estate, will be a panelist on the Capital Markets Overview session (9:00 - 10:00 a.m., March 3), which will take a look at funding challenges and opportunities in the current market environment.

Mr. Cram will be joined by W. Kyle Gore from CGA Capital, Sean Keane from First Savings Bank and Mark E. West of HFF Dallas — with the panel moderated by Ken Carpenter, managing director of CCRE. So if you're seeking a financing solution, or just want to get a sense for the state of the capital markets, stop on by.

To arrange an in-person meeting with Mr. Cram, contact him at (847) 239-7250 or