See what everyone’s talking about: below are brief interviews shot live at the first-ever Health & Wellness Center, a new area at RECon 2019 where real estate decision makers and medical tenants can meet for unprecedented networking, learning and dealmaking.

Envoy, a leading build-to-suit financer of medical and net lease properties nationwide, is proud to serve as lead sponsor, and we’re honored to have as co-exhibitors some of the biggest players in the health and wellness tenant space today. Hear their insights below.

We talk with Dudley Carpenter, Senior Vice President of Real Estate at Emerus, about the growth of micro-hospitals and why they’re of increasing interest in today’s retail environment.

Part 1 of our three-part conversation with Joe Brady, Divisional Vice President - Real Estate at Walgreens. Joe talks about health and wellness trends.

Part 3 of our three-part conversation with Joe Brady, Divisional VP - Real Estate at Walgreens. Joe shares the latest on Red Nose Day and Walgreens’ new small-format rollout.

Bill Stinneford, Senior Vice President at Buxton, talks about how leveraging consumers analytics can help healthcare companies grow with confidence.

We talk with Alan Ayers, Director of Urgent Care Consultants, about how the retail industry’s attitude toward healthcare tenants have dramatically evolved.

We sit down with Paul Heiserman, Associate Director of Healthcare at JLL, about the latest trends in medical retail and how that’s changing the retail landscape.

Part 2 of our three-part conversation with Joe Brady of Walgreens. Joe talks about what’s happening at Walgreens’ booth, including its Battle Beautifully initiative.

We talk with Ralph Cram, President of Envoy Net Lease Partners, about the genesis of the new Health & Wellness Center and some of the factors driving the retailization of healthcare.

Chad Pinnell, Managing Director of Healthcare Solutions at JLL, talks about the rapid growth he’s seeing in the healthcare real estate space.

Bob Ingram, Managing Director of Healthcare Services at Mohr Partners, talks about the importance for healthcare companies to locate as close as possible to their patients.