What our
clients are saying
about us.

Day Care Developer, Dallas

“Since 2013, we’ve done six daycare development deals with Envoy. Through all of the ups and downs of the process, they were always our advocate. Highly recommended as a long-term partner.”

Retail Developer, Indianapolis

“When you’re developing multiple projects nationwide, you need certainty the capital will be there. With Envoy, it always is. That’s why they’ve been our go-to source for 11 projects and counting.”

Medical Clinic Developer, California

“Envoy agreed to let my non-profit partner contribute the land to the project at its appraised value, allowing them to take proceeds from closing and fix their roof. No other lender would let us do that.”

Retail Developer, Texas

“At the last moment, the city changed our building’s design specs, significantly increasing our project costs. Envoy stepped in and lent us the money to proceed. Without Envoy, the project would have died.”